All-Time Favorite Country Music Awards Winners | ESPN’s SportsCenter

The all-time favorite country music awards have been awarded by ESPN for the 2020-21 season, but there are still plenty of nominees who are left out.

Here are 10 nominees who deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame, with a brief recap of their awards and why they are worthy.1.

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club BandThe late Sgt. Pete, the Beatles’ songwriting icon, has been the heart of country music for more than a quarter-century.

He has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Country Album for 2009’s Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Tour, the group’s most recent album.

In 2019, he was nominated for his work on The Beatles: The Last Waltz, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2018, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in the musical.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s Hall of Honor in 2013.

The Beatles’ first album, Sgt. P., was released in 1967 and went platinum.

It was a breakthrough hit, and its success helped make the Beatles a household name in America.

The album earned three Grammy nominations, including a Record of the Year nomination for producer Pete Townshend.2.

The Grateful Dead’s Playing In The BandIn 2018, the Grateful Dead was honored with an Emmy Award for Best Album, Album Song, or Performance.

It won three Grammy awards: Best Rock Album for 1972’s “St. Stephen,” which was followed by three Grammy wins for its cover version of the song “Sugar Magnolia.”

In 1977, the band won another Grammy for Best Hard Rock Album, this time for “Terrapin Station.”3.

The Rolling Stones’ The Rolling ThunderThe rock band that started it all with their self-titled debut in 1967, The Rolling Stone was a major influence on the rock ‘n’ roll era.

In 1966, The Stones recorded their first single, “Brown Eyed Girl,” that went on to win the Best Hard-Rock Performance Grammy.

The band continued to record hits with hits like “Satisfaction,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “A Day in the Life.”

In 1965, The Stone Roses recorded the song, “Strawberry Fields Forever.”

They were the first rock band to have a hit single in over a decade.

In 1969, they released the song as an album, “Sweet Home Alabama.”

The song was released as a single and in 1972 as a three-disc set.

The Stones were inducted in the Rock Hall of fame in 2004.4.

Queen’s “Sgt. Pepper”Queen has been at the forefront of country since the 1970s.

She has been honored with three Grammys for her contributions to country music, including for her work on the album “Sister Act.”

Queen has also won two Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Best Rock Song for her 1974 hit, “Sue Me.”5.

R&B’s B.B. King”B.B.”

King was a pioneer in the era of the country hitmaker, who released his first song in 1964.

He went on the radio and recorded his hit single, “(Everybody) Loves You,” in 1970, and the song went on tour.

The single was a smash hit, earning the song three Gramos for Best R&b/Hip-Hop Album, and Best Country Solo Performance for King.

In 1980, he released a sequel, “Everybody Loves,” which reached No. 4 on the Hot Country Albums chart.

In 2012, King was inducting into the Country Music Hall of Music Hall Of Fame.6.

The Who’s Let It BeThe Who recorded their best-selling album in 1976, which became a country anthem.

The track, “Let It Be,” went on a global tour.

It sold more than two million copies and reached No, 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

The song’s chart success and chart success helped catapult the band into the mainstream.

In 1976, the Who won a Grammy Award for song of the year.

In 2016, the album was inductee into the Hall Of Honor.7.

Country singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett was induct into the Folk & R&ampore Hall of Champions in 2017.

In 2007, he won the Songwriter of the Decade Award.

In 2015, he made the cover of People Magazine.8.

Elvis Presley was inductees into the National Music Hall, which is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

He won three Grammies in 1965, 1966, and 1969 for his contributions to popular music.

In 1962, Elvis was induct in the Folk Hall of Presidents and Presidents of Country Music, the same organization that honored him in 1974.9.

The Black Keys’ “I Got You Babe” was

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