What are the nominees for the 2019 Eisner Awards?

Eisner awards are the largest entertainment awards ceremony held in Los Angeles.

Their first award is the Eisner Award for best cartoonist.

In 2019, a new category was added to the EIBA, the International Industry Entertainment Awards.

The awards are given annually to comic book artists.

They are a major platform for artists and creators to showcase their work.

The 2019 EIAA was held in New York City, and drew the attention of fans, industry insiders, and media companies.

This year, the nominees included:  -Moby Dick – The Sandman: Overture -Dynamite -The Sandman -Drawn and Quarterly -The Wicked + The Divine -The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -Eisner Award winners  -Best Animation:  Deadpool -Fantastic Four -Guardians of the Galaxy -Injustice 2 -Out of the Shadows -Tales of Suspense -Zootopia -Wonder Woman  -Newcomer of the Year: Jupiter Ascending  -Most Popular TV: Star Trek: Discovery  -Awards Nominees  -The awards ceremony  -BEST COMIC BOOK ARTIST -The following categories were voted on by the panel of judges.

All the winners were announced during a panel of awards in Los Vegas.

The nominees were announced at the awards ceremony, with the winners being announced live at the event. 

The 2018 EI Awards Winners: -Best Graphic Novel -Best Art Direction -The Wicked -Best Character Design -Out of The Shadows -Best Art and Illustration -Drawn & Quarterly -Best Editor -Marvel Comics -Eisner Awards -Graphic Novel of the year -Newcomers of theyear -Most Promising Artist -The Walking Dead -The Secret World -Superhero Comics  -Cinematic Excellence -Comic Book Magazine -Franchise -BEST ORIGINAL ARTIST -Tyrant Comics  -Out Of The Shadows -Deadpool -Guardians -WWE -Star Trek -Wonder Woman

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