How to beat Tejano in the U.S. election

A new poll has found that the number of Hispanics who voted for Donald Trump was significantly higher than that of Hispanics in the general population.

The new poll by The Associated Press and Latino Decisions found that Hispanics in states where Trump won by double digits overwhelmingly voted for him, with 79 percent of them saying they would have voted for the GOP nominee in November if he had not lost.

Among the poll’s highlights: The AP and LatinoDecisions found Hispanics who backed Trump by double-digits in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, while in Arizona they backed Trump in double-digit numbers, as did a majority of Latinos who backed Hillary Clinton.

In Texas, 76 percent of Hispanics said they would vote for Trump, compared to 73 percent of the general Latino population.

In Florida, 69 percent of Hispanic voters backed Trump, but he lost by four points to Democrat Hillary Clinton in the state.

In Nevada, 76 out of 100 Hispanics said their support for Trump was higher than the general Hispanic population.

A majority of Hispanics (56 percent) in Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania said they were willing to vote for Hillary Clinton if the GOP candidate did not get a third term.

A plurality of Hispanics overall (42 percent) said they voted for Trump because they were against illegal immigration.

The poll found that whites (65 percent) and Asians (63 percent) were more likely than other groups to vote.

Latinos were also more likely to say they would support Trump in the election, with 78 percent saying they wanted him to win, compared with 65 percent of whites.

Among whites, Hispanics and Asians, the poll found a majority would have backed Trump if he didn’t lose, with 81 percent saying so.

Among Latinos, a majority (59 percent) would have supported Trump if the election had been held today, while 66 percent said they wanted to see him lose.

The AP-Latino Decisions poll surveyed 1,200 adults in the United States from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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