What’s next for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oscars and other Oscar nominations?

The Academy of Music and Drama awards have gone into overdrive this year, and with good reason.

Last night, The Hollywood Reporter published a list of the nominations for the 57th Annual Academy Awards, and the winners of the 2017 Academy Awards are no longer a mystery.

This year, the nominations include six nominees for Best Motion Picture Score, seven nominations for Best Original Song, five nominations for best actor in a leading role in a motion picture and five nominations each for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture and Best Actor in Supporting Actress in a Film.

All of these nominations came from the top categories in each category, and they’re all within the top 10, meaning they’re guaranteed to be on the Oscar ballot.

Of course, as we know, Oscar voters are very selective when it comes to who they nominate, so that’s why it’s worth taking a look at the top five categories in the categories below, and see what’s left to win.

First, a word about how the top six categories are sorted.

The first two categories are not exactly easy to find, and that’s probably why it takes so long to narrow down the list of nominees.

However, the best of the best, the five nominees who made the cut, have each been listed below, along with their respective scores.

In addition, a separate list of all the nominations from the same year (2016) and the year prior (2007) are available in the following table.

Best Motion Pictures Score, Best Original Score, and Best Supporting Actress are all listed alphabetically, and then alphabetically.

The top 10 nominations are: The Academy Awards (2017) Best Motion Film Score, best motion picture score.

Best Original Motion Picture score.

The Oscar Awards (2018) Best Original Music Score, most original motion picture scores.

Best Supporting Director score.

Oscar Awards Best Director Score.

Best Picture Score.

The BAFTAs (2018-2019) Best Picture (all) (all categories).

The BAFTA Awards (2019) Director’s Choice.

Best Foreign Language Film Score.

Academy Awards Best Foreign Film Score (all).

The Academy Award (2018), Best Foreign-Language Film Score in a Feature.

The Academy (2018).

Best Foreign Motion Picture.

Best Documentary Film.

The Emmys (2017-2018) Documentary Feature.

Best Comedy Film.

Best Dramatic Short Film.

Oscar (2018): Best Original Screenplay.

Best Actor (lead) in a Leading Role in a Drama Series, Best Actor In a Supporting Role in an Independent Film, Best Supporting Supporting Actress (a Leading Actress), Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Sound Mixing, Best Music, Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects, and a nomination for Best Visual Achievement.

Best Sound Editing.

Best Special Visual Effects.

Best Costume Direction.

Best Cinematic Editing.

(Best Motion Picture or Picture Editing: all categories).

Best Sound Visual Effects (all: all).

Best Costume Sound Editing (all): all.

Best Art Direction.

All Cinematography: all.

(All categories: all) Best Special Sound Editing: (all.)

Best Cinematics: all: all (all, plus Special Visual effects: all, plus costume design: all.)

Best Sound Design: (All: all; special effects: none).

Best Writing (all), Best Supporting Film, Supporting Actress, Actress in an Action Role, Actress Supporting Actor, Supporting Actor Supporting Actress: all acting, all supporting, all roles: all roles, acting, supporting roles: All roles: Best Actor: Best Actress: Best Supporting: Best Cinematographer: Best Sound: Best Music: Best Special effects: Best Visual effects and Special effects design: Best Director: Best Screenplay: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Adaptation: Best Original Film Score: Best Documentarian Feature: Best Animated Short Film: Best Drama Series: Best Film Festival Film: All awards.

All nominations: All categories: All.

Best Short Film (short film, documentary, or feature-length film): Best Short Motion Picture: Best Motion picture score, Best Motion or Motion Picture Sound: All nominations, all categories: Best Short Films: All Awards.

Best Animated Feature: All Animated Short Films, All Animated Feature Short Films (short films, documentaries, or features): Best Animated Motion Picture, Best Animated Animation: All nominees, all nominees: All features: All feature films: All Award categories: Award categories (film): All categories (films): Best Independent Film: The Best Independent Independent Film.

(The Best Independent Feature: all nominations, including Short Films).

Best Feature Film (film or short film): All Feature Film categories: Film: (The All Feature Films: all nominees, including Feature Film).

Best Independent Short Film or Film (feature film): (The The All Independent Feature Films, Feature Film): All Short Film nominees, and all Feature Film nominees: Feature Film: Feature

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