Oscar-nominated actor John C. Reilly is an Oscar nominee, but not for acting

John C, Reilly, who was nominated for best supporting actor in his fourth film for “Lone Survivor” for his performance in “The Gift,” has been nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Dr. William Halsey in the HBO series “The Wire.”

But he was not nominated for the acting award on Saturday night, as HBO announced it was canceling the award show, which was set to be the final award show of the season.

“We’re very disappointed in John C Reilly and the decision to cancel tonight’s Emmy ceremony, which will be his final Emmy appearance for HBO,” HBO President David Nevins said in a statement.

Reilly, best known for his role in the “Breaking Bad” television series, had been nominated three times for an acting Emmy for best guest actor in a comedy series and in “Lonesome Dove.”

Reilly has won the Emmy for guest actor four times: for his work in “Wanted” for AMC, for his appearance in “Gossip Girl,” and for “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

In the final years of the series, Reilly played a role in a final episode.

“The best thing that John C could have done for this show was to have continued to make good TV,” HBO Executive Vice President of Programming David Nevin said in the statement.

“Instead, we’re going to honor John C and the best actor nominations that he’s ever received.”

The Emmy ceremony was held last week in Los Angeles and was broadcast on the network.

The nominees for the drama series and comedy series categories were announced Sunday evening.

In the drama categories, the show “The Crown” was the first show to win an Emmy, while “The Leftovers” was one of the first to win two.

In comedy categories, “The Goldbergs” won for best original comedy, and “Arrested Development” was awarded a second consecutive Emmy for outstanding comedy.

NBC announced the nominations Saturday night in a release, saying that the show had won three acting Emmy awards for best actor in an ensemble, best supporting performer, and best supporting actress.

“This year’s nominations are a testament to the talent of our nominees,” NBC said.

The drama awards were awarded to “The Lonesome Radish,” “Lords,” and “Lawnmower Man.”

The comedy categories were awarded “The Good Place,” “Veep,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Saturday Night Live,” “New Girl,” “Modern Family,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Last Man Standing,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Grimm,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Jane the Virgin,” “NCIS,” “American Crime,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “CSI: NY,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Superstore,” “Mom,” and other comedy shows.

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