Which books have the best writers of the 2020s?

Books with the best-selling first-time book in the Newbery category or bestseller list have been nominated by readers for the 2020 Newbery awards.

The best-seller list is the same as the New York Times Bestseller list, but the awards are being held in New York, New Jersey and California.

The Newbery nominations are announced each January and the winners will be announced at the New Year’s Eve Ball in New Orleans.

The 2019 nominees included writers from the American novelist and literary critic Michael Chabon, who won the Pulitzer Prize for his new book, “The Corrections.”

The Pulitzer, which was first published in 1963, was named after Charles Pulitzer, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the Pulitzer prize-winning novel “The New York Review of Books” (1954).

Chabon’s book is one of the first novels by a non-fiction author that earned a Pulitzer.

The Pulitzer Prize has long been a favorite of the writer-philosophers and critics who are the backbone of the academy.

The nominees include:Beth Auerbach, “A Thousand Stories” by Amy Tan (The New Yorker)Mariella Chavannes, “Hemlock Grove” by Karen Joy Fowler (Random House)Liz Jones, “Million Dollar Baby” by Lois Lowry (W.W. Norton)Tanya Tate, “Pray for Me” by Jennifer Stahl (Knopf)Sue Ann Henson, “Tales of a Woman’s Life” by Margaret Atwood (Knoll)Gail Carriger, “In the Realm of the Gods” by Joseph Campbell (Penguin)David Garroway, “Sorcerers” by Christopher Priest (Little, Brown)John Grisham, “To the Edge of the World” by Thomas Pynchon (Random)Toni Morrison, “Odd Girl” by Linda J. Smith (Random Press)Eugene Levy, “Stories of a Life” and “A Boy Named Romeo” by Jonathan Lethem (Little Brown)Lili Reinhart, “Rethinking Love” by James Baldwin (Harper)Nina Shih, “Lies of a Cat” by Anna Freudenthal (Simon & Schuster)David Sedaris, “Nocturnal Animals” by Neil Gaiman (Random house)Tara Loughlin, “It Was a Beautiful Day” by Nora Roberts (Little)Sara Burch, “How to Get Away with Murder” by Ryan Reynolds (Randomhouse)Sally Boylan, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” by Jane Austen (Little), “The Lovesick” by David Foster Wallace (Harambe)G.K. Chesterton, “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Garth Risk Hall (Doubleday)Nancy Kress, “I Am Alive” by Emily Dickinson (Knill)Josie McCarthy, “Camelot” by Richard Adams (Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins)Mimi Leder, “Nosferatu” by N.

K Jemisin (Random, Simon & Schusters)Jodi Picoult, “Black Widow” by Jodi Picotto (Little/HarperCollins)Ned Vygotsky, “What’s Happening Now?” by Stephen King (Simon)Elizabeth Bear, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” by Kevin MacLeod (Inhabitat)Sidney Lumet, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” by Newt Scamander (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)Pamela Anderson, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Joanna Russ (Scribner)Taryn Manning, “Killing My Wife” by Rebecca Sugar (Riverhead)Anna Anthropy, “Bread and Roses” by Laura Mvula (RandomHouse)Meredith Vieira, “Claire and Her Sisters” by Nancy Kress (Random and Little)Miles Brown, “Shannon’s Story” by Shannon Steele (Random), “What We Talk About When We Talk about Sex” by Kate Atkinson (Powell’s)Mandy Kline, “Jagged Little Pill” by Emma Stoker (Random & Little)Paul Auster, “Walking Tall” by John Updike (Random/Little)Natalie DeBruyn, “Don’t Tell My Mother” by Rachel Carson (Little Books)Jillian McCarthy, “‘Ozymandias’ by Lewis Carroll” by Michael Crichton (Random Books)Joan Didion, “On the Road” by Annie Laurie Gaylor (Random Book Company)Mira Cohen, “This Is Not a Room” by Joan Didion (Random / Little)Amy Tan, “Garden State” by Alison Bechdel (Little / HarperCollins

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