What the ducks are eating in the water in WA’s WA paddock

The duck population has exploded over the past two years, as the WA duck migration has become a global phenomenon.

Here are the latest numbers and what you need to know about the duck migration.


Duck numbers up, population continues to grow.

In the first quarter of 2019, WA’s population of ducks increased by 4.4 per cent compared to the same quarter last year.

The duck migration to Australia has brought in ducks from across the world.

It is estimated that in the first six months of 2019 there were 1.3 million ducklings in WA. 2.

The new ducks are big news.

WA’s new ducklings are big and healthy.

The first of those babies hatched this week, the baby ducklings will be named after Perth’s Swan River, which was named after the duckling, after all.


There’s a huge demand for ducks.

Since the duck arrival, there has been an increase in demand for duck meat and eggs.

The number of duck-related businesses in WA has more than doubled.

The demand for fish has also increased, with the number of fish shops in WA having increased by 50 per cent since the duck came to WA. 4.

Duck meat is expensive.

A large chunk of the duck population’s meat is sourced from Australia.

The cost of buying duck meat in WA is currently between $60 to $150, and the average cost of a duck meal in WA can reach up to $300.


Duck farmers are going out of business.

Since WA has the highest number of commercial farms in the world, farmers have been left without a source of income.

With the duck arriving in WA, they have had to look elsewhere.

They have been forced to raise their prices, while at the same time increasing their competition by exporting duck meat to Australia.


The Duck is not all bad news.

There is good news in the duck.

For the first time, the WA Duck Egg Association is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can give away their own duck eggs.


The ducks are here to stay.

WA has been a breeding ground for ducks for many generations.

The arrival of the new duck population means that the population will grow in the future.

It will only be a matter of time before the population continues its growth and eventually it will be the largest duck population in Australia.


Duck eggs and duck meat are good news for fish farmers.

The WA Duck Farmers Association has issued a warning to fish farmers who plan to import duck eggs to Australia that the eggs will not be suitable for aquaculture.

This will mean a reduction in their export markets.


A lot of duck meat is produced in WA and the duck eggs have become the new trend.

The industry is hoping that the duck will lead to a resurgence in duck meat, particularly for people in WA who like the taste of duck.


The next generation of ducklings won’t be any better off.

WA is home to the largest population of duckling chicks, which are the offspring of duck and duck eggs, and are also the only ones in the state that are fully mature.

They are one of the few species that can survive in WA with their eggs.

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